Ask a FLUMP Expert. Seven ways to Secure your Traverse System


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When using an unmanned dredge, the propulsion system is critical.  The FLUMP, SRS Crisafulli's unmanned dredge, propels itself along a traverse cable. The drive system is onboard.  SRS Crisafulli's FLUMP Specialist, Engineer Eric Lillberg, explains seven ways to secure the traverse cables to the shoreline.

The standard method is to drive three 48' tall stakes into a triangular base plate on each of the four corners of the lagoon or pond.  From these four corners, wire rope winches are connected to each other and then connected to a central traverse cable that runs the length of the lagoon.  The corner winches can exert 2,000 lbs. of tension into the system. 

Normally, this method provides more than adequate capacity, depending on the length of the traverse cable.


Even at 700 lbs. of tension, however, a corner post can be pulled out of soft ground. That leads us to Method #2, a daisy chain setup with multiple stakes connected by chains or cables.

Method #3:  In more permanent installations the use of concrete poured bollard posts is an economical solution.



Method #4:  The use of a rail structure with a motorized trolley system is the preferred method for permanent installations.  The rail structure does cost a bit more.



Method #5.  In the case of hard packed or rocky terrain, other methods have been utilized.  One strategy is to use large concrete blocks, about 32' x 32' x 64' and weighing approximately 5700 lbs.  Depending on the lay of the land, it may take some jockeying to prevent the blocks from sliding, once tension is applied.


Method #6:  We have drilled holes in existing rock and concrete structures to set anchors. 


Method #7:  A not so common, but equally effective approach is the use of motor vehicles.  With two talented drivers moving two vehicles perfectly in parallel, the system will work with no adjustment to the traverse system.  


No matter what the method, a taut cable is essential to effective unmanned dredging.

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