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ASP-Based EMIS Implementation


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Today, environmental managers faced the increasing responsibility of implementing and documenting an Environmental Management System (EMS) to demonstrate regulatory compliance. In addition to satisfying regulatory agencies, public perception is a growing concern. Certification in programs such as ISO 14001® and Responsible Care® is becoming an important way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development, as well as public and environmental protection. Centralized and standardized environmental information is the building block from which to launch all environmental programs used in satisfying these various environmental drivers.

This paper documents the implementation of an Application Service Provider (ASP)- based Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Information System (EMIS) at the National Cooperative Refinery Association (NCRA) in McPherson, Kansas. ASP advantages and disadvantages, system implementation methodologies, lessons learned, and realized best practices will be examined. This paper will illustrate how ASP solutions can provide a viable, low capital, low resource alternative to traditional in-house, client server-based EMIS installations.

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