Asphalt pump installation notes

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Asphalt pump installation notes

Asphalt heat pump is according to certain way and principle in production and using, to ensure it can produce good value and contribution in the production practice. Asphalt heat pump shows good development and status in the industry, to meet the needs of the development of the industry.

1. asphalt pump is driven by motor, and it shall not be reversed. So before the asphalt heat pump running, we must first determine the direction to ensure the correct operation.

2 asphalt heat pump is strictly prohibited running without the media in the cargo transfer, so as not to damage the gear.

3 If the asphalt heat pump is new installed or down a few days later, please don’t start immediately. You should first to grout some asphalt into the insulation pump body, and don’t start the pump until the oil pump body heating and cooling.

4 If the pump transports high viscosity or containing particles and corrosive media, you should use some water or solvent to wash to prevent the obstruction, so as to avoid the starting difficulty.

5, In winter, you should prevent the fluid line and cracking.

6, If you found that there is seepage in the shaft when the asphalt heat pump in use process, you must processing or replace the oil seal in time.

7, If you found some abnormal situations in operation, you should immediately stop the operation and check the reasons and remedy of the trouble.

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