Asphaltic Concrete Parking Lot


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

As discussed we have prepared a capital cost estimate for the two options to pave Whistler Parking Lot 1; one for paving with an 80 mm asphaltic concrete surface and one with a gravel pave surface based on a total area of 6,400 sq. meters. The cost of the paved parking lot includes an oil water and sediment control device (Vortechnics), several catch basins and associated drainage piping. Good subgrade drainage is required for the asphalt paved parking lot in order to prevent frost heaving whereas the gravel pave surface will be more tolerant of th ese conditions and will require a lesser subsurface drainage system. We have not allowed for a storm water device in the design of the gravel pave lot as the water will be filtered through the subgrade gravels. Both drainage systems discharge to the Fitzsimmons Creek dry channel.

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