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Aspiral™ Wastewater treatment for Environmental quality - Case study


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A Chinese town, which had been discharging sewage directly into a local river, is now producing Class 1A effluent for release

The town of Xilingang chose a Fluence Aspiral wastewater treatment plant that can treat 800 m³/day to Class 1A effluent standards for release into the Zhixi River


Xilingang Town is located on the Zhixi River in the high-tech zone of Yiyang City, Hunan Province. In the past, domestic wastewater from local residents was discharged directly into the river without treatment, which seriously affected the local environment.


Xilingang needed a plant with a capacity of 800 m3/day (211,300 GPD), one that could meet Class 1A effluent standards so effluent could be discharged into the Zhixi, meeting requirements set by China's 13th five-year plan. In addition, the plant needed to be environmentally friendly, have low energy consumption, and economical CapEx and OpEx.


An Aspiral wastewater treatment system, based on innovative MABR technology, was selected for the project to support the government in improving the local ecosystem and habitat.
This was the first Aspiral application in Hunan Province.


With a total plant footprint of 3,544 m2 and a treatment capacity of 800 m3/day, Fluence’s Aspiral wastewater treatment system overcomes several significant challenges faced by a traditional wastewater treatment plant by lowering energy consumption, reducing the required footprint, and simplifying installation and operation.

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