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Aspiral™ Wastewater Treatment for Highway Service Area - Case study


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A Smart Packaged Aspiralplant provides stand-alone wastewater treatment to a highway service area in China

A Smart Packaged Aspiral treatment plant handles200 m3/d of high-nitrogen wastewater at the highway service area, treating it to China's strict Class 1A standard.


The Xiaogan Service Area on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway was being renovated to accommodate an increase in traffic. The service area, which covers 46,289 m2, includes restaurants, gas stations, mechanics, accommodations, shopping, and parking. Improvements included an upgrade to the area's wastewater treatment capabilities to ensure compliance with new regulations.


The design and equipment of the new plant needed to treat 200 m³/d on the existing infrastructure. Because the plant is is near the service station, which receives visitors throughout the day, it had to be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, with minimal noise and odor. As with many service stations, the influent includes a high nitrogen concentration, which requires highly efficient treatment. The solution had to be economical, with effluent meeting China's strict Class 1A standards. And, installation had to be completed in two months.


An Aspiral Smart Packaged wastewater treatment system, based on innovative MABR technology, was selected for the project. Because Aspiral brings treatment to the point of use, there was no need to tie the plant into a piping network.


The plant, which was commissioned within two months, is treating as much as 200 m3/d of water that meets or exceeds China's strict Class 1A standard for reuse.

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