Assessing the Market for Anaerobic Digestion


Courtesy of NNFCC

The anaerobic digestion (AD) industry is growing rapidly. In the UK there are over 215 anaerobic digesters in operation and more than 100 in planning.

Understanding how a market will develop is crucial to any successful venture. A client came to us looking to improve their understanding of the current status and future potential of the AD market in the UK and Ireland.

In order to progress through the proof of concept stages for a small-scale AD technology solution, the client required an improved understanding of the current market situation and relevant influencing factors, including policy and regulation. The client sought direction, to enable future development strategies to focus on technical and geographic areas where the greatest opportunities prevail.


NNFCC captured and analysed the current status of the AD market in the UK and Ireland, in terms of activity and vision.

A comprehensive review of policies and regulation relevant to small-scale AD was undertaken, to allow preparation of a roadmap for future development, covering inputs, operation and outputs.

A competitor analysis was undertaken, to identify significant gaps and opportunities in the market, to support a series of strategic recommendations.


  • Market landscape evaluation
  • Opportunity analysis


NNFCC delivered a strategic report summarising the current market situation and future potential. The competitor analysis allowed recommendations to be presented regarding target markets in terms of scale, sector and geographical region.

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