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Assessment of links between REACH and the Water Framework Directive


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Green drivers, such as reduced packaging (with consequently increased development of concentrated products) and climate change (with potentially decreased availability of water, reduced dilution of sewage plant effluents, etc.) pose a business risk to consumer products companies who manufacturer cleaning products that are likely to be disposed of to domestic sewers. Water Company responses to the Water Framework Directive, REACH and other regulations are also relevant to the use and disposal of products in this sector.

We reviewed the inventory of a multinational consumer products company and identified substances in their most widely used products for use in worst-case exposure modelling. We modeled worst case scenarios for combinations of reduced packaging and climate change impacts to examine the potential for an increase in the risk of Environmental Quality Standard failures in surface waters. The results of this study provided reassurance to our client that even under foreseeable worst-case conditions their products are unlikely to lead to increased EQS failure and are therefore unlikely to be a focus for regulatory attention.

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