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Assessment of recycling potential of municipal solid waste in Mauritius

The purpose of this paper is to implement a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) which would divert valuable resources to recycling centres. It assessed materials having attractive scrap values such as glass, PET bottles and Used Beverages Cans (UBC). In this paper, two scenarios were proposed, namely: Scenario 1 which dealt with the selling of recyclables to recycling plants and Scenario 2 which considered the exportation of the recyclables directly to other countries. Results shown that out of 1200.68 tonnes/day of waste landfilled at the Mare Chicose landfill, about 94% was Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). From the cost–benefit analysis, with the RVM emptied twice a month, the total reduced landfill cost was Rs 15,640.42/year. The appropriate scenario was found to be Scenario 1 as far as the net savings were concerned. However, owing to the attractive voucher amount, Scenario 2 would be preferred and would also entail a higher participation rate.

Keywords: municipal solid waste, MSW, landfills, recycling, economic instruments, solid waste management, Mauritius

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