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Assessment process of the resilience potential of critical infrastructures

The research results presented aim to define a framework for evaluating the potential of resilience for critical infrastructure (CI). CI are an integral part of the community and a better knowledge of their potential for resilience will help to reduce the risk of disasters and provide tools to manage them. The framework helped to define a method to evaluate the potential for resilience CI based on the concept of performance and coherence. This work has been validated and applied to existing cases and the results show that it is possible to identify actions to improve resilience and reduce disaster risks and manage them better. This has allowed, among other things, a better definition of acceptable performance for CI and understanding how disruption of a CI can affect the community (which includes other CI). The analysis of coherence can also better align the components of their system and their capacity to maintain an acceptable level of functioning despite some disruptions.

Keywords: infrastructure resilience, critical infrastructures, performance evaluation, state of resilience, resilience potential, disaster risks, risk management, infrastructure disruption, infrastructure performance, emergency management

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