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Asset Management Applied to Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Patented trenchless sewer repair products were brought to the market in the 1970’s by well financed companies. These companies had the financial power to hire competent engineering staff and conduct the needed Research and Development as well as ensure quality installations. They also had the benefit and tradition of professional engineering involvement in public projects. Continued solid financial resources were generated since all products were protected by patents.

In the early 1990’s several major products come onto the open market resulting in fierce competition. Many small businesses took the opportunity to compete, forcing down the prices. This trend introduced cheaper and lower quality products into the process and undermined the selection of high quality long lasting products. This situation was exacerbated by the lack of standards that would adequately address quality and durability.

Asset management of any rehabilitation project needs a standardized procedure to be reliable and verifiable. As will be shown below, Service Life is important when a variety of products are offered in the bidding process since different products usually have different Service Lives. This paper offers guide lines and a standard method of calculation to optimize asset management related to sewer repair.

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