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Associated Refuse Haulers: Setting the Standard


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Setting a standard as a proactive company in the community, while maintaining the best workforce that they can, Associated Refuse Haulers are at the top of their game.

Family Owned And Operated, Associated
Refuse Haulers (Newcown, CT) has been in business since August 1982. The company was scarred by Patrick Caruso and his wife, Joanne, who both had the desire to provide the best possible service using the residential cart system. Now, Associated Refuse Haulers employs a staff of 16 and a fleet of 18 vehicles, including automated side loaders, front-end loaders, roll-offs, a rear loader and container carriers, and they handle residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural institutions. They service Fairfield County, New Haven County and Litchfield County in Connecticut by collecting municipal solid waste, C&D, food waste, stable waste and recyclables, which are collected both single-stream and source separated.

Staying Strong
Although the scare of the economy has greatly affected the anticipated growth projections, Associated Refuse Haulers has adapted by controlling their costs, hiring and training the best people that they can find while educating customers on ways to reduce waste volumes. One particular challenge is that Connecticut is one of the most heavily taxed in the union, with the largest tax increase recently in the State's history. In addition, Fairfield County is one of the most expensive counties to live in. 'This toxic mix has caused many businesses to close, and many people to leave the State,' says Caruso. However, he doesn't let these facts affect the company's ongoing business. 'We offer various sized carts and pricing to accommodate an ever changing home environment. The same is true for our commercial customers.” Caruso is quick to point out that they also have a very proactive regional regulatory agency that provides them with valuable information on recycling and other waste disposal issues. In turn, Associated Refuse Haulers sends out an introduction newsletter to new customers explaining the waste system as well as what is required in the region for waste disposal.

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