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Implementing GHS compliance activities into your organization is no easy task. Companies needto re-evaluate how their substances and mixtures are classified for each regulatory entity, countryand/or region and will likely need to re-issue several (M)SDSs and labels. There are serviceproviders who can help companies stay ahead of the GHS curve with solutions for identifying andmanaging the increasingly complex and changing global chemical regulatory obligationsassociated with GHS. As GHS is adopted in countries and regions around the globe, thesevendors can help address the new requirements and associated chemical regulatory informationneeded for compliance management as they arise.

Many companies choose to use reference tools which centralize all global chemical regulatoryinformation into a robust, searchable, easy-to-use database. This provides quick access to officialGHS classifications, including substance classifications published by the relevant authorities.Other features supporting GHS compliance include Translated GHS Classifications, GHS Labels,GHS Full Text, and GHS Phrases.

Other content tools may be used to feed chemical regulatory data into SAP® EH&S as well asdiverse, custom, open corporate EH&S systems. These integrated data tools provide efficientchange management and regular updates as regulations change and new ones are released.Other necessary tools are Expert Rules that not only ensure correct, consistent GHSclassification and labeling according to the UN purple book, but also take into consideration thenational deviations and other national regulations. Document templates for producing (M)SDSs,labels and other hazard communication documents, and Multi-Lingual Phrase libraries cancomplete the content suite for efficient production of accurate documents.

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