atg UV provide solution to chemical balance in swimming pool applications - Case Study


Courtesy of atg UV Technology

Client: Gloucester Institute of Technology  
Location: Gloucester, USA
Service: Swimming Pool UV Disinfection
Description: atg UV provide solution to poor water quality due to high levels of chloramines.

The Gloucester Institute of Technology has chosen a state-of-the-art atg UV Technology Ultraviolet water treatment system for its on campus swimming and leisure facility as a solution to its poor water quality due to high levels of chloramines, which are the cause of sore red eyes, itchy skin, over powering chemical smells and has recently been linked to cases of Asthma in young children.         

The quick and easy installation of the atg UV system will provide protection for the campus pools and spa facilities by allowing operators to achieve optimum water disinfection without the use of chemicals such as chlorine.

The system installed for Gloucester County Institute of Technology was a state-of-the-art Inline ECL dual lamp system.  Designed and manufactured in Wigan, Greater Manchester to client specifications such as bather load and pool size, the ECL UV system features an automatic wiper to prevent the build-up of deposits on the quartz tube, protective strainer baskets and UV monitoring to ensure the systems consistently run at an optimum level.  

UV treatment is an ideal solution for improving swimming pool water and air quality.  Using high output UVC lamp technology, atg UV's Ultraviolet treatment systems break down problem chloramines, resulting in a more pleasant and inviting leisure environment for customers, reducing ‘Red Eye', skin irritations and chlorine smells.

The elimination of chloramines also produces crystal clear, sparkling water and vastly reduces the need for taxing shock treatments and backwashes.  Unlike traditional chemical treatments, the effectiveness of UV disinfection is not limited to a select number of microorganisms, and will safeguard against all known bacteria, viruses and pathogens, including organisms such as Cryptosporidium which are highly resistant to Chlorine.

atg UV with over 25yrs of experience and achievement is a world leader in Ultraviolet technology. Strong commitment to innovation and development means that  the atg UV range of products offers customers the best choice available when quality, reliability and consistency need to come as standard.

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