Atmospheric Monitoring and Inverse Modelling for Verification of National and EU Bottom-up GHG Inventories.


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The workshop 'Atmospheric monitoring and inverse modelling for verification of national and EU bottom-up GHG inventories' was held on 08-09 March 2007 in Ispra, Italy, under the mandate of European Climate Change Committee Working Group 1, as follow-up of a first workshop on 23-24 October 2003.

Atmospheric monitoring (AM) of greenhouse gases (GHGs), combined with inverse modelling (IM), can trace back observed atmospheric concentrations of GHGs to their origin, i.e. to the regions where they have been emitted into the atmosphere, and provide top-down estimates of the GHG emissions. This is particularly relevant in the context of the reporting of national GHG emissions to UNFCCC (which are based on bottom-up inventories).

The objective of the workshop was to bring together scientists working on atmospheric monitoring and inverse modelling and EU national experts responsible for official reporting of national GHG inventories to UNFCCC, in order to:

  • assess current state of the art of AM/IM and progress since the first workshop
  • assess the usefulness of using AM/IM for checking consistency or verifying
    bottom-up GHG inventories
  • identify further research and infrastructure needs for the application of AM/IM in
    the context of national GHG inventories

Major developments since first workshop

  • ¬†AM/IM studies have made substantial progress over the last years, due to the
    availability of new observational data and due to further development of inverse
  • A number of new inverse modelling studies have been presented at European
    scale and for a limited number of European countries.
  • AM/IM studies have been further extended to new F-gases (e.g. HFC-365mfc,
  • New inverse modelling systems now allow the estimate of emissions from
    individual model grid cells, hence better resolving the true footprints (regions of
    influence) of individual measurement sites.

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