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Atmospheric particulate matter in the city of Sao Carlos/SP, Brazil

This paper presents experimental data and source apportionment simulations on particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) in the atmosphere of Sao Carlos/SP, Brazil. Both a Hi-vol sampler equipped with glass fibre filters and a Dichotomous sampler with nucleopore filters were used. The collected material was analysed for total carbon, using a thermometric method, and for traces of several chemical species, using X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. Source apportionment estimations were made with a chemical mass balance receptor model software (CMB8), with source profiles taken and adapted from the literature. The results indicate that both PM10 concentration and source apportionment vary seasonally, and that vegetative burning can be a significant source of PM10 in the dry season

Keywords: urban air pollution, PM10, PM25, receptor model, source apportionment, Brazil, air quality, atmospheric particulate matter

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