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Austrian municipal sewage plant


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The sewage work of the borough Deutsch-Wagram is situated in the south west of the settlement on the left shore of the Ru§bach and is in operation since 1969. The drainage area is 350 hectare and the degradation performance is more than 90%. All accumulated waste water is cleaned by mechanical, chemical and biological treatment. At the moment only one activated sludge tank is used, the second one is used as storage tank for sludge. The quantity of water for a population equivalent of 8.100 is treated in the activated sludge tank, designed for a population equivalent of 6.000. Under the supervision and exemplary behavior of the sewage work technician Erich Hlubik, who steady improves the system and investigate new developments for functioning and money savings, the application of AQUA CLEANª was established in co-operation with the company Stuhl & Stuhl in Vienna.

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