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If there is one tool that is regularly overlooked by auto body technicians everywhere, it's a quality can crusher. One of these useful machines can help you keep your costs down and your shop tidy. A large number of the liquids you use in fixing up and maintaining a car come in steel or aluminum cans. Paint, thinners, lubricants, hydraulic fluids: all of these things come in cans--cans that take up a lot of space in your garage's trash cans and dumpsters.

The Little Squeeze, a small and powerful can compactor made by Bee Cool Manufacturing, is absolutely perfect in this regard. Small enough to store in any area that can accommodate an average-sized tool box, it's lightweight and flexible enough to be rolled out when you need to put it to use. With the powerful hydraulic ram that does the actual compacting, the Little Squeeze has four tons of crushing power.

Because these are perfect for professional garages and enthusiastic home auto body technicians, many auto supply and do-it-yourself stores are starting to carry crushers and compactors. The Little Squeeze is perfect for this type of user because of its size, ease of use, and low price. Other crushers are gigantic machines on the scale of a dumpster-sized compactor. These are impractical and expensive, unlike the Little Squeeze.

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