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Auto Tie Horizontal Balers are not all the same!


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Open End Auto Tie Balers are the ideal industrial baler for those working with high volumes of corrugated cardboard, cartons, tissue, newspaper, or other paper products.  But, when business owners or government agencies bid out projects to multiple suppliers, the quotes they receive do not always compare apples-to-apples.

What does that mean?  It means that some bids come in as much as 15-20% lower than other balers for what seems like the same type of machine.  That may look attractive to the buyer, but look deeper and you will see that the lower bid often does not come with standard features necessary for efficient, long-lasting operation of an auto tie baler.

To be blunt, not all open door auto tie balers are made to the same standard.

Auto Tie Horizontal Balers are not all the same!
Auto Tie Horizontal Balers are not all the same!

Below are three examples of standard features on Harmony’s A160 Open End Auto Tie Baler that set it apart from the competition and that you should demand from your auto tie horizontal baler. Combined, these features account for perceived cost-savings with low bids, but cost much more in lost time when not made standard.

  • Advanced Shear Blade – many competitors have this as an option, but needs to be a standard feature for continuous operation.  Having to stop and clear jams several times a day creates unnecessary down time, safety hazards, and leads to significant labor inefficiencies over time.
  • Interlocking Steel Construction – This type of design provides maximum protection against stress.  But, the weight, quality, and robustness of the steel makes a difference as well. Our balers can weigh up to 10,000 lbs more than our competitors. When these steel differences cost the manufacturer a minimum of $.50 per lb of steel, that means the machine may cost more, but will stand the test of time during heavy, continuous use.
  • 30HP Motor With Piston Pumps – A 30HP motor is not the same across specifications. With piston pumps, like those on the A160,  the baler is able to process material much faster, making your process more efficient.
Auto Tie Horizontal Balers are not all the same!

If that is not enough, here are ten more standard A160 features that you should look for on any prospective auto tie baler:

  • Nyl-oil Side and Bottom Ram Wear Blocks
  • Hydraulic System With Low Oil & Hot Oil Shutdown
  • A-Frame single cylinder tension chamber
  • Gear-driven twister
  • Lower ram chassis inspection door
  • Key lock cylinder for longevity
  • Raiser kit for easy cleaning
  • High strength steel plate floor
  • Hopper sizes to adapt with any air conveying system
  • Hydraulic regeneration circuit

So, the next time you are in the market for a high quality, durable, and affordable auto tie baler engineered with the standard features you need.

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