Automated Consignment Sampling Systems

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Courtesy of Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd

The following is a case study where consignment sampling has been implemented at a UK coal fired power station.

Bias-Free Sampling
The production of consistent and repeatable ‘bias-free’ samples is not possible but all international sampling standards give precise limits within which systems can be considered as being ‘free’ from bias. A sampling system that can be operated with a minimum of staff, is mechanically reliable and produces consistently low bias within the acceptable limits as well as provides automatic identification of samples would be the aim of the majority of bulk material handling companies. The operators at a UK Power Station have found this can be achieved without difficulty following the installation of a fully automatic sampling system.

For commercial purposes, all power stations operators need to be able to demonstrate reliable statistics relating to the quality of the coal delivered. The sampling system supplied was designed to comply with international standards, producing final samples for moisture determination and chemical analysis as appropriate for the applicable standard. A flow diagram was designed, primarily to meet the requirements of the International Sampling Standards, together with input from the customer as well as the suppliers of the fuel.

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