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Automatic calibration saves big


Automatic gas sensor calibration technology was developed by Rel-Tek and proven over a decade of industrial applications involving large alternative fuel, transit bus garages.  CNG, LNG, LPG and hydrogen fuels present the possibility of explosive gas buildup indoors, so sustaining the accuracy of the installed gas monitoring system is a never-ending responsibility for the owner.  Rel-Tek's 'MagiKal' utility takes over the sensor calibration -- scheduling, implementating and documenting this calibration chore, whether a dozen sensors or a thousand.  Monthly savings in labor and materials alone provides a payback 'dividend,' while possibly accruing the cost of the gas monitoring system in as little as five years.  Rel-Tek, with offices in Monroeville, PA manufactures and supplies complete gas monitoring systems, not just bits and pieces, so there is no pointing to 3rd party suppliers for service.  The attached article describes the MagiKal equipment and the savings issues.  

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