Automatic Volume Change and Pressure Measurement Devices for Triaxial Testing of Soils

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Courtesy of ASTM International

Desirable requirements for volume capacity and precision of volume change devices for triaxial testing are studied, and operational requirements for devices suitable for automatic datalogging are reviewed. Two devices that fulfill these requirements have been constructed by the writer by combining existing design principles. One device consists of a buret system with differential pressure measurements, and the other device operates on the principle of a double acting piston in which rolling diaphragms and a displacement transducer are the main components. In addition to their ability to measure volume changes, each device is outfitted with a pressure transducer and valves to provide all necessary means for performance and measurements required for (CD) and (CU) tests.

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  1. By basem rabee on

    how do i can connect the volume change apparatus to measure the volume change of tri-axial soil specimen