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Automating Environmental, Health and Safety Management in the Semiconductor and other High Technology Industries


The benefits of an EMIS in a semiconductor or other high-tech company are numerous and can be significant. Culturally, automation of EH&S processes are very successful in this industry due to the highly educated and technologically savvy work force. However, to ensure that the right system is being implemented, it is important to clearly define your company’s needs, only implement what make sense for your company, carefully plan the effort before inception, and clearly project and measure quantified benefits to the company.
High technology, semiconductor industries are viewed as clean, environmentally friendly industries by the public and investors. Proactive and safe environmental, health and safety (EHS) practices should be communicated to stakeholders to enhance public perception and image and promote stock valuations.

Automation of environmental systems or the use of an environmental management information system (EMIS) can provide numerous advantages that specifically address the unique needs of semiconductor and high-tech manufacturers.

Today’s environmental manager faces the challenge of keeping the company in compliance, as well as acting as environmental historian. More environmental information management is required today than ever before. Compounding this issue is the fact that environmental functions are not exempt from corporate streamlining, belt tightening, and budget cutting. With corporations increasingly considering environmental costs as a function that should be managed as actively as any other area of the business, the demand for systematic environmental information management tools is increasing rapidly. Today’s environmental professional is faced with the need to manage more information with less available staff time, do it faster, better and cheaper, and to have the information available at his/her fingertips.

Management information systems (MIS) have been around in various forms for many years. Today, industry is increasingly migrating toward various forms of Enterprise-wide Resource Planning (ERP) tools. It is not surprising, therefore, that many industry environmental professionals are turning their attention to development of an Environmental MIS or EMIS. The timing is right for this evolution, as EMIS and computing technology have evolved to a level that environmental professionals can now routinely and easily use as business management tools.

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