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Automation of energy management system in Rourkela steel plant: a case study

The growth of economy and population worldwide has caused heavy increase in demand for energy and steel. The source of energy is reducing day by day. The steel sector is one of the largest consumers of energy. Lot of measures to make the steel sector energy efficient is to be taken such as improving technology and automation of various departments. Integration of information systems for successful implementation of energy conservation technology is suggested. It monitors analysis energy management. A detailed study of Rourkela steel plant in connection with reducing the energy consumption and lowering the emission of CO
gas is proposed. A model of energy management and control information system is proposed. Integration of energy management system (EMS) with information systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and process control system (PCS) is discussed.

Keywords: optimisation, automated energy management, energy management systems, specific energy consumption, fume extraction systems, FES, steel plants, India, energy conservation, information systems, information integration, carbon emissions, carbon dioxide, CO2, enterprise resource planning, ERP, manufacturing execution systems, MES, process control

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