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HydroCal Inc.

Automobile Paint


Courtesy of HydroCal Inc.

Problem: A car manufacturing plant were experiencing difficulties in removing painting sludge from their spray booth wastewater. The original vacuum filters had never achieved the performance required for the spray booths, which contained 'robotic' spray equipment.


Hydrocal installed a CAF system, which proved very effective and simple in removing paint sludge from the shower curtain water.

The three units were so successful in cleaning the paint booth recycled process water that within twelve hours automatic timers were installed. The units now run on automatic cycle intermittently 24 hours a day.

The cost to remove this accumulation of sludge amounted to 50% of the capital outlay of the CAF units. That money will not have to be spent again. The clarified process water is now recycled through the spray booth and the robots are happy.

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