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Automotive parts manufacturer - Eaton US engine valve case study


Courtesy of Separation Dynamics

US Engine Valve in SC had 16 small washing systems that were used to wash parts after machining with straight oil as the metalworking lubricant. These wash tanks were dumped and recharged weekly and the oil concentration in the washers climbed between cycles to 5% before dumping at the end of the week. During this cycle, the part tolerance measuring equipment could be adversely affected as the oil levels would rise, sometimes resulting in parts rejections and rewashing.

After an onsite survey and lab testing by the water filtration and recycling specialists from Separation Dynamics, the manufacturer conducted a 2-month trial to verify the process and cost saving benefits of installing an Extran™ Ultrafiltration unit. The onsite trial proved successful as the rewashing issues were eliminated and the wash bath maintenance was reduced considerably.

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