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AVA spices sterilization technology radical to microorganisms - gentle to spices - case study


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The German company AVA offers State-of-the-Art technology for sterilization of spices without losing their color and taste. Due to the dynamic motion within the AVA machine the sterilization happens to all spice particles at the same time and with same intensity. During sterilization the vessel is hermetically closed. It is pressurized preventing escape of volatiles. Color and taste stay with the spices.

Guaranteed 5 log reduction

AVA offers the safest and cleanest sterilization technology, using overheated steam under pressure. And treatment takes a short time only. Sterilizing pepper, chili, coriander, marjoram, and many more products as powders or as grains by AVA is a fast, safe and easy procedure. TPC/g–levels for germs, yeast fungi and mildews fall well below food-law standards. Guaranteed at least 5 logs.

AVA sterilizers maintain color, taste, smell, humidity

AVA treatment gives perfect sterilization results. Steam overpressure keeps the otherwise evaporating taste-smell-components within the product. Recipes for different spices can be memorized in the AVA software. The humidity of the treated spices stays unchanged but also can be adjusted.

Advantages of the AVA Sterilizer

AVA pressurized steam sterilization has numerous advantages over traditional sterilizing technologies:

  • the entire bacteria get sterilized rapidly as the steam automatically invades all spots
  • no hidden bacteria friendly area in the machine
  • color, taste and smell remain unchanged

AVA Sterilizers are multi purpose machines

AVA machines are entirely designed and made in Germany and are available from 30 Liter batch volume up to 20.000 Liter. The helical agitator is driven and sealed from top, distant from treated product. Due to very few turning parts, the machine is unsusceptible and easy in maintenance. By their nature AVA sterilizers are multi-purpose machines. Beside sterilizing spices and other food ingredients they are valuable tools for R & D and can be used for mixing, drying, coating, reacting and more purposes.

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