AVA – The expert for ash and dust conditioning - case study


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For an environment free of dust


Ashes and dust from the filters of incineration, de-dusting and drying plants are lyed, moistened or solidified. The result is a disposable final product, a transportable property or re-usable value products e.g.:

  • Dust from power plants for the use in road construction and building material industry (cement admixture)
  • Dust from steelworks for the use in sinter plants

The requirements in handling ashes and types of dust become more and more specifically. For the disposal to landfill defined environmental limit values must be adjusted as well as a defined firmness.

To guarantee these requirements AVA Mixers and sytems are operating in:

  • Brown coal fired power plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Steelworks
  • Biomass power plants
  • Paper mills
  • Black coal fired power plants
  • Dust extracting installations
  • Coking plants
  • Orimulsion power plants

Furthermore ashes and dust are used as dry additives for the conditioning of sludge or of any kind of filter cakes.

With AVA - Mixers, which are used continuous or in batch processes, a technology is available, which produces a 100 % dust free product within shortest time. This is usually reached by the addition of water and a humidification of the ashes and dust. With the addition of different bonding agents an additional solidification of the product for a following disposal can be obtained.


For the humidification of ashes and dust the following products are suitable:

  • Fluids, slurry
  • Water and binding agents
  • Extraction agents
  • Sludge
  • Filter cake

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