Availability And Cost of Biomass For Road Fuels in EU


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This workshop was convened by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, Institute of Energy Studies at Ispra, Italy, in co-operation with CONCAWE and EUCAR, the co-authors of the joint European well-to-wheels study [A3].

The second edition of the well-to-wheels study was released in May 2006 and is available on the JRC web site. This contains detailed evaluations of energy and GHG balances, costs and availability for a wide range of alternative fuel/vehicle pathways. Compared with the first issue of the study, increased attention has been given to biofuel options, in view of the current high level of activity in this area.

A high degree of confidence has been established in the figures for energy and GHG balance related to current and future biofuels. Detailed estimates of cost and availability have also been made, using a careful methodology, and using the most accurate and reliable input data available. In the course of the study, it became clear that the estimated figures for biomass and biofuel availability vary widely between different published studies. Also, in our calculations, there were some input variables where little or no reliable information was available.

Consequently, it was felt valuable to gain input and discussion from other expert groups, including authors of other recent studies, to compare information, test the reliability of the assumptions on the JEC study (JEC: JRC-EUCAR-CONCAWE), and find new information to reduce the existing areas of uncertainty. Invitations to the workshop were issued with these objectives in mind. More than 40 people attended the workshop, including representatives from the JRC, EUCAR and CONCAWE, the European Commission, and a wide range of experts from several European countries.

The Meeting was chaired by Vincent Mahieu (JRC) and Robert Edwards (JRC), taking on the technical leadership of the discussion, assisted by Jean-Francois Larivé (CONCAWE), who are the authors of this part of the JEC study.
These notes record the main outcomes of the discussions, and new information that was offered by the participants.
The notes are structured in the same way as the agenda, covering the seven key areas where input data and methodology were to be evaluated. For each topic, there was an explanation by Robert Edwards of the JEC methodology, its rationale, and the areas where clarification was needed. This was followed by comments and discussion from the group. For background information on the questions discussed, the JRC explanation slides are attached in the report.

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