AVEDØRE (Denmark) Municipal WWTP - Case Study


Courtesy of Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH

Number of Tanks: 4
Total Volume: 80,000 m³
Water Depth: 3.5 m
SOTR Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate: 4,270 kgO2/h
Total Airflow: 58,720 Nm3/h
No. of AEROSTRIP® Diffusers: 1,600

Avedøre is part of the suburbs in the south-west of Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

The Avedøre WWTP was built on reclamation ground in 1968 and treats sewage water from a catchment area of approx. 86km² resp. 270,000 P.E.

In 2015 the plant switched from surface aerators to high efficient AEROSTRIP® diffusers.

From Surface to Efficient Aeration in a blink

The biological stage of Avedøre STP was originally built as an oxidation ditch, equipped with surface rotors for aeration. This was typical for the region and the time.

Due to the shallowness of the tanks, fine bubble aeration was considered to provide no significant improvement in energy efficiency… but then came AEROSTRIP®.

First of all, prefabricated piping and the use of AEROSTRIP® snap fasteners for diffuser mounting reduced installation time to a minimum.

Furthermore, AEROSTRIP® guaranteed energy savings of 38.5%, or 1,940,000 kWh per year.

Operational figures of AEROSTRIP® indicate even higher values: Current energy savings are ~42.5% which means 2,140,000 kWh per year!

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