LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

AWA’s Membrane and Desalination Conference

Courtesy of LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

AWA’s Membranes & Desalination Conference brings together industry professional and engages you to look back at  a decade of desalination developments and forward to a future of climate resilient innovations. It hosts several pre-conference workshops, networking events and includes a line-up of influential speakers.

This year, the President & CEO of LuminUltra, Pat Whalen was invited to present. The presentation was a collaboration between Royce Water Technologies, Thorton, Musso and Bellemin and LuminUltra. During this presentation, Pat spoke about strategies for the use of LuminUltra’s Quench-Gone Aqueous test kit in membrane operation to help manage microbial contamination as quickly and proactively as possible.

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