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Axetris achieves Silver Gas Award 2013


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Here the original text from G&I:
„The Axetris AG LGD F200 self-contained laser gas detector module is designed for integration by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems and monitoring equipment and is based on proprietary technology- enhanced tuneable diode laser spectrometry. The OEM module can measure concentrations from well under 1 ppm to 1000 ppm. This unit combines high sensitivity/selectivity, contactless hot wet measurement with low-cost of ownership, continuous digital sensor status and diagnostic monitoring. The module provides a quantitative and qualitative measurement that requires only rudimentary packaging and sample preparation. Axetris’s LGD module featuring a low-volume, nonreactive flow-through sample cell-heated to 190°C. Moisture measurement and compensation takes into account large and varying amounts of gas phase water present in the exhaust/ flue gas sample providing a sub-ppm NH3 measurement that is both highly sensitive and selective. A calibrated simultaneous H2O measurement is also available for standard conditions engineering units. Further versions of Axetris’ LGD series include CH4 and CO2 for diverse applications in emission and environmental monitoring, process control and safety. An HCl version is in development.“

We are proud to announce that Axetris has achieved the Silver Award for its laser gas detector LGD F200. The award was presented during the Pittcon Exposition in March of this year, by Gases & Instrumentation International, the leading professional journal for gas sensor systems with specialization in the medical field. Axetris was bestowed this great honor for its laser gas measuring instrument LGD F200, which offers tremendous features in the eyes of the jury. This product was judged on the basis of: its ability to provide a solution to an important challenge to the gas industry; technological innovativeness; superior specifications; cost effectiveness; and other quality considerations.

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