Axetris Sensor Field Test


Courtesy of Axetris Ag

The Axetris LGDs were operated continuously for two years. After intensive laboratory testing, they went out into the field in 2015. Axetris was able to test the functionality of its sensors under real-life conditions thanks to the support of the Linth waste incineration plant.

The gas concentration measuring devices called laser gas detectors (LGD sensors) are used for measuring hazardous substances. When a gas is conducted through the sensor, the respective gas molecules weaken the laser beam. Gas concentrations can be determined through this light absorption process. One of the LGDs deployed at the Linth waste incineration plant measured ammonia data, the other recorded hydrochloric acid data.

Read the entire success story to learn how Axetris was able to collect valuable experience with its sensors for the benefit of sensor research.

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