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Axion waste processing plant training case study 2 – Operators team at mbt plant


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  • The recovery system was a unique and complex MBT and AD plant.
  • Individual equipment suppliers were not able to provide training in the combined waste recovery system as an overall integrated process.
  • Machinery was not yet operational so separation stages could not be seen working.
  • Many of the trainees had not worked within the waste industry before.
  • Demonstration of competence was a key element of the training contract.

Axion approach:

  • Re-enforce and repeat content - read, hear, see, say and do.
  • Demonstrate complex theoretical theory with hands-on practical solutions.
  • Use team-building exercises to strengthen the support network within the newly established team.
  • Utilise model waste machinery within classroom sessions to explain separation theory and plant economics.
  • Conduct guided site tours to re-enforce classroom knowledge and help staff to gain confidence within their new working environment.


  • Positive feedback from trainees and notable improvements observed by managers. For example:
  • 'I am now going onto the site with an insight into its operations'
  • Good and thorough knowledge retention, demonstrated through competency assessment (including written examination and formal presentation).

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