AXO Shredders Case Studies - Australia


Courtesy of AXO Shredders Ltd

Brisbane based Security Shred Australia had been involved with mobile document shredding for several years, and was operating a low throughput mobile shredding truck. 'Our first truck shreds a maximum of 600kg's of paper per hour', says owner Nev Profke.

While this throughput seemed good while we were building up the business, we soon got to its capacity, which meant we couldn't add new customers. We were working long hours, and large jobs created problems - we had to schedule them in the weekend, which was not always suitable for the customers.
It also meant that we were juggling jobs to keep customers happy'.

'I visited the AXO factory in New Zealand. While there, I could see that AXO had plenty of experience in making shredding machines and I was also able to see a number of machines being built.
 I ordered the 408 then and there, and it's made things a heck of a lot easier for us.

I can shred over 1,000kgs [2,200lbs] per hour - so shred in minutes what used to take me hours,

Now unloading's very quick and it has the system feedback to let me see how everything is operating.

Before, our main focus was scheduling jobs, dealing with existing customers and shredding. Now we have the time to focus on growing the business'.

Being able to focus on generating new business is often what separates the successful shredding companies from the less successful ones, and in most cases the ability to spend time on business promotion comes down to the quality and suitability of the equipment invested in.

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