AXO Shredders Case Studies - Japan


Courtesy of AXO Shredders Ltd

The paper shredding industry in Japan, like Europe and North America, is experiencing continued growth. The related paper volume increases meant that many mobile shredding companies found their current machinery incapable of meeting growing demand.

One such company was Kaneshiro Mobile Shredding “ By changing to the AXO WM 408 model we have increased our shredding performance to 1000kgs per hour from 400kgs per hour. We’ve gained a significant advantage by using the higher throughput AXO machinery. We have reduced our costs per unit of product shredded,” says Mr Kaneshiro.

The Japanese are well known for demanding quality products and quality manufacturing processes and will therefore only consider those machines that are seen to be of the highest design standards. AXO Shredders is aware of the importance of maintaining the excellent quality provided to customers and are continuously aiming to exceed quality expectations. All parameters of AXO designs are given the closest attention in terms of engineering and manufacturing. AXO provide exactly the high standard that all customers should demand. 

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