AXO Shredders Case Studies - Singapore


Courtesy of AXO Shredders Ltd

Established waste paper merchant Semb Enviro Tay Paper has been involved with document shredding for many years in Singapore. When they saw that mobile shredding was becoming popular, they wanted a solution that would suit the particular requirements of Singapore.

The truck would have to be of a size that would be efficient in congested city streets, but would also have to have a quick enough shredding speed and large enough payload to make the unit profitable.

AXO developed a small truck solution to suit the particular requirements of Semb Enviro Tay Paper. The solution is based on the AXOWM408 mobile shredding system.
 'The unit has worked very well for us, and is now very busy shredding customers documents', says Jimmy Tay, Director of Semb Enviro Tay Paper. '

In Singapore traffic police are very strict, so we have to be able to find parking quickly to avoid getting tickets and to avoid being inefficient', continues Jimmy Tay. 'The AXO truck enables us to do that'.

The challenges faced in Singapore and other Asian cities are similar to those faced in some European cities, where large vehicles can be inefficient or prohibited due to the narrow width of the streets.

In these circumstances the AXO WM408 is unsurpassed by any other shredding truck in terms of overall performance. 

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