AXO Shredders Case Studies - Switzerland


Courtesy of AXO Shredders Ltd

When successful water-cooler entrepreneurs Yarom Ophir and Sid Apaydin were looking for new business ventures, they were attracted to the mobile document shredding industry. They saw several similarities with the water-cooler industry that they liked—a recurring revenue stream, business to business sales and a service that did not get affected by economic cycles.

One of their key requirements was to purchase a mobile shredding truck that would operate reliably and would process efficiently, so they could focus on expanding their business.

After looking at a number of makes and models of mobile shredding truck, they purchased an AXO WM408 model.

 “We've been very happy with the truck”, says Sid Apaydin. “Because it's simple to operate and shreds and unloads quickly, it's allowed us to quickly generate business.

The AXO WM408 shreds up to 1,000kg/hr and the AXO Rollout Discharge Conveyor unloads qucikly and easily.

“Another benefit is the effect it has on potential customers”, says Apaydin. “Because the design of the shredding work area looks good, customers can see that they are dealing with a first class type of service, not a rubbish company”.

Managing Director Yarom Ophir continues “ We intended to buy equipment that was good enough that it did not distract our focus from business expansion, and I pleased to say that we've done that”. 

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