AXO Shredders Case Studies - UK


Courtesy of AXO Shredders Ltd

Russell Richardson and Sons have observed their shredding business continuously improve since they commissioned an AXO WM 608 Mobile Document Shredding Machine from AXO Shredders. Having previously only provided off site shredding the AXO WM 608 Mobile Shredding System has allowed Jonathan Richardson to respond to and efficiently meet customers on site shredding requirements.

High throughput and ease of loading and unloading were a few of the reasons why Russell Richardson and Sons purchased the AXO WM 608. The material for shredding can be loaded quickly by means of a bin tipper. 

Fast loading accompanied with a throughput that can exceed 2,000 kgs of office paper per hour means that large purge jobs are quickly processed. The high payload (which has exceeded 5 tons) minimises the number of unloading visits to and from recycling depots so more time is spent servicing customers. Unloading takes only minutes via the AXO Rollout Floor Conveyor®. The conveyor system minimises machine downtime and eliminates the problems associated with tipping in buildings with low ceilings. 

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