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Azerbaijan National Water Supply and Sanitation Project


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The water supply and sewer system in Azerbaijan is characterized by old, damaged and largely dysfunctional infrastructure and is financial constrained and poorly operated. This results in the level and the quality of the water supply and wastewater treatment (WWT) services especially in small towns being significantly degraded. Water shortage and the use of dirty water for drinking have negatively affected health and welfare of the population accordingly. Uncontrolled flow of wastewaters to non-designated areas has promoted the spread of various infections and caused environmental pollution.

To address this dire situation, the Government of Azerbaijan (GoA) and the World Bank are currently planning the implementation of infrastructure projects for water supply and WWT in small towns and regions. Commencing in 2007, the Government of Azerbaijan started to develop projects for reconstruction and development of water supply and sewer system in 22 rayon centres with the World Bank within the framework of the “National Water Supply and Sanitation Project”.

Huckbody Environmental was commissioned by the World Bank to compile EIAs and EMPs for three of the rayon centres in Azerbaijan. The work involved reviewing previous designs and assessments, site visits, meetings with the Government, Water and Sanitation Department and design teams. Environmental and social assessment of each of the schemes and scheme options was then undertaken and reports prepared.

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