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BA-C500 pump still going strong after 10,000 hours in service


Courtesy of BBA Pumps North America Inc.

A high volume jet water pump has been working on board of a sand dredger, belonging to the Dutch company De Vries & van de Wiel, since May 2010. This big 20' pump has worked flawlessly without significant maintenance since the first commissioning.

After more than 10,000 hours of reliable service, the drive - a powerful V12 diesel engine - needed a complete overhaul. During this work BBA Pumps was requested to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the pump that has been operating routinely over its maximum allowable speed. 

Joop Buitenhuis, a field service engineer with BBA Pumps, carried out the inspection job on board the vessel, together with an employee of De Vries & van de Wiel. The pump volute weighing nearly two thousand kilograms was removed in order to have a good view of the wearing parts. The special heat-treated stainless steel wear rings and ductile iron impeller showed minimal wear and tear, even the shaft sealing system was not yet in need of replacement. 

According to Joop, the pump can run at least a few years more before the first components need to be replaced. 'the high pump efficiency of 86% has also contributed to the good condition of the pump,' said Joop. 'As a result, the axial and radial forces on the turning parts are very well balanced and that contributes to their extended working life'. 

Technical data of the BA-C500

  • Duty point 19,800 US GPM @ 83 ft (4500 m3/hour @ 25 mwc)
  • Power consumption at 750 rpm. is 490 Hp
  • Volute made of ductile iron
  • Stainless steal shaft 17-4Ph

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