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BA150E pumps at work in hectic load-in load-out projects


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Ballast pumps are used for the filling and drainage of barges. They ensure the stability of the vessel, compensating for changes in the weight during the load-in or load-out of large objects (leveling). In addition, mobile ballast pumps are also used for salvage operations. During these specialized deployments speed, security, and expertise are of crucial importance. 

The BA150E a perfect fit

The BBA Pumps BA series consists of many different models, ranging from a small 3' jet pump to the large 24' waste water pump. All models are equipped as standard with a vacuum system, enabling their use as multifunctional self priming pumps in a wide range of applications. 

The most popular model is the BA150E. This 6' diesel driven allrounder is ideal for hectic load-in load-out projects, with impressive features making it the ideal choice for ballast pump applications.

  • A compact pump set with a capacity of more than 2000 US GPM;
  • The vacuum system guarantees a short priming;
  • Designated lifting components and lockable doors for optimum safety on the barge;
  • Its own fuel tank with a leak-proof bottom tray, large enough for over 30 hours of operation.

Eight BA150E pumpsets provide a total of more than 15000 US GPM in ballast operations.

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