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A refresher on how to properly manage HazMat inventory

How are you managing the hazardous materials (HazMat) used, stored, and produced in your facility? That is the question. Unless a facility manager has a multimillion-dollar budget and works in an organization with a cultural commitment to safety and risk management, they're probably managing ever-more-complex rules and requirements with smaller budgets, fewer resources, and less organizational commitment than the year before.

In today's perpetually resource-constrained operating environments, it is possible to manage the costs associated with HazMat management without compromising regulatory compliance, environmental performance, and workers' health and safety. At the heart of any procedural framework for managing environmental compliance is an accurate inventory of the HazMat present the facility.

By developing and then building on an accurate HazMat inventory, one can leverage the knowledge gleaned from inventory to make better day-to-day decisions. In doing so, it's possible to boost worker safety, safeguard the community, reduce waste and costs, and ensure more timely and effective environmental compliance.

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