Back up sump pump to the rescue!

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Sump pumps are actually submersible pumps that can operate while being completely submerged inside water. This very special class of pumps is used in a wide array of applications starting from small scale domestic uses to large scale industrial operations. In households, sump pumps are primarily used to drain the water that accumulates inside the basement. In fact sump pumps are must have for families that have a basement at their home, as heavy rain or any leakage in the water proofing system of your home may cause your basement to flood. If the group water level surrounding your residence is higher than your basement, the chance of water accumulation in your basement increases manifold. Sump pump allows you to keep your basement from any damages due to the accumulation of water inside it. Sump pumps keep your basement dry and healthy, suitable to be used for your household purposes without any disturbances.


If you have a sump pump, a power outage due to natural disaster or malfunctioning of your sump pump may cause water to accumulate in your basement. Even a backup sump pump can share the load of the primary sump pump in case of heavy rains, when the load is high on the primary sump pump. So, to help you out from these uncanny situations, a battery powered back up sump pump can prove to be very useful. Some of the modern primary sump pumps nowadays come with an additional battery powered back up sump pump unit attached with it. So, to help you buy the perfect back up sump pump for your home, we have assembled some of the best back up sump pumps review at


Wayne WSS30V - The Wayne WSS30V is one of the best sump pump available in the market that comes with and additional battery powered sump pump unit. Moreover, this sump pump is a pre-assembled unit, which means you can just plug it in the power socket and it will be ready to operate. This sump pump unit is made of highly durable cast iron material to ensure longer lifetime. A vertical float switch installed in this pump ensures automatic operation when the water accumulates in side your basement.


With a 1/2 HP powered motor, the primary unit of this sump pump has a maximum output of 4200 gallons per hour and the 12 volt battery powered back up sump pump provides a maximum output flow of 3300 gallons per hour. It operates very quickly and the noised produced by this very sump pump is very minimal when compared to other sump pumps available in the market. However, there is no back up battery included in the package of this pump and it is not suitable to be used in smaller pits. Also, both the primary and backup sump pumps run out pretty faster than other sump pumps available in the market and do not last longer.


Apart from the above mentioned product, there are many other sump pumps available in the market that operates on battery or a backup sump pump is already attached with the primary sump pump. So, explore the products and buy the one that suits your requirement.