Bacterial Growth Study University of California, Irvine case study


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Indigenous Bacterial Growth With Neozyme
Neozyme's bio-organic catalyst based products cause naturally occurring non-pathogenic (harmless) bacteria to grow rapidly, while not affecting the growth of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria. The following studies were performed at the University of California, Irvine.

Figure 1 demonstrates that Neozyme does not contribute to the growth of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria. In the researchers conclusion, Neozyme did not have a significant impact on E.coli cell growth.

Figure 2 demonstrates Neozyme's ability to proliferate non-pathogenic (harmless) bacteria in bay water and ocean water in a 24 hour period of time. These bacteria are the same bacteria required my Nature to biodegrade organic petroleum products back to their individual parts before they formed to become petroleum.

Clearly these graphic displays of Neozyme's ability to clean, along with the catalytic reactions caused by Neozyme's bio-organic catalyst based product, clearly lead on to the conclusion as to its' effectiveness as a cleaning agent. It also does not cause harmful bacteria to grow, and enhances Nature's harmless bacteria to begin to biodegrading petroleum.

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