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BAIONI supply complete dewatering centrifuge system for APS Ltd


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Situated near Slough, in Berkshire, Aggregate Processing Solutions (APS) is operating a washing plant where Baioni has recently supplied a centrifuge system to complement the whole existing plant. Baioni has boosted the capacity of its decanter centrifuges range to pave the way for further improvements in waste water and sludge treatment for a wide range of feed solids and flows. The Italian company has invested in a new application for centrifuge systems, that of a compact dewatering unit fully equipped mounted on a skid and delivered inside a ISO 40' OT standard container. This is the new BaiPod Container, delivered to the UK early in 2017 and now successfully operating in a recycling aggregate processing plant; APS Ltd is pleased with the ROI achieved as the system offers also a reliable, completely pre-piped and wired to minimize installation time and cost. This provides instant solution as it is totally portable and require only an appropriate space outside; commissioning time is minimal and can be operational in within approximately 1 day.

The heart of the BaiPod Container range is represented by the BaiDec 65Lv high performance centrifuge decanter with all necessary ancillaries such polymer preparation station, control panel with PLC logic completely automated operation, feed pump, polymer dosing pump, flow meters, screw conveyor, interior lighting with 6 double 58WWx2 ceiling lights, doors for hydraulic and electric connections and auger output. The entire system is made available on a standard 40' container for customer's benefits, developed with a focus on cost-efficiency and easy operation.

The client base for the innovative BaiDec range of decanter centrifuges benefited from the placement of orders for 16 permanent units across the last few years in the UK plus a brand new system to be released soon in July 2017 that Baioni engineers are currently completing.

Compared with even high performance conventional equipment, the innovative design and construction of BaiPod Container provides a very dry cake at a low cost. The many technical breakthroughs keep life cycle costs to be absolute maximum. BaiPod range decanters are designed for effective protection against the effects of abrasion; special wear-resistant materials are used for all critical parts, resulting in low maintenance costs. This helps the new BaiPod Container unit to be a solid long-term investment.

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