Baker Center Childcare Center Punta Gorda, Florida - Case Study


Courtesy of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Key Parameters

  • Type of Facility - New Construction
  • Function- Pre-K Education
  • Area- 52,000sf
  • Construction Cost $12.4 Million
  • Project Completed - 2007
  • LEED Certified

Challenge: Sustainable design. The center was rebuilt after Hurricane Charley in 2004 . Project designers wanted the facility to be safe for children as well as environmentally friendly.

Solution: Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were factory -installed (Carleton Place, Ontario) in five Trane Climate Changers.

Results: The Baker Center was the first public school (Pre -K) in Florida to achieve LEED certification, achieving a 17.5% reduction in optimum energy performance compared with the baseline performance rating.

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaners contributed to LEED Certification in IEQ Credit 3 for Indoor Air Quality (meeting MERV13 minimum), and in EA Credit 1 for Reduced HVAC Energy (reduced fan horsepower).

The installation is also a testament to the exceptional dust holding capacity of the Dynamic V8 with its dramatically longer maintenance intervals. Three years after the installation, the original V8 filter media was still in place and static pressure had increased only .1” W.G.

The engineered systems and equipment at Baker Center were designed to produce a 41.5% savings in water use, roughly 115,900 gallons per year, and be just under 18% more energy efficient, for an annual savings of $15,700. The facility’s sustainable design has yielded annual e nergy savings of 3,078 Mbtu.


  • Owner- Charlotte County Board of Education / Punta Gorda, Florida
  • Architects- Parker/Mudgett/Smith,Fort Myers, Florida
  • Engineers- TLC Engineering
  • Commissioning- TLC Engineering
  • Contractor- Balfour Beatty
  • Construction, Fort Myers, Florida
  • In-house Contact- Debi Bell, Director

Mechanical Systems

  • HVAC - Trane

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