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Bakery wastewater often contains a large amount of settled solids, like dough pieces and bits of nuts and fruit These materials will most likely settle because they are usually heavier than water. This particular customer sought wastewater treatment because of high discharge costs from Metropolitan Water. Their need for treatment became more evident when they made process and housekeeping changes to minimize water usage, which further concentrated their wastewater contaminants.


They customer had investigated a complete treatment system, including biological treatment and oxygenation as a possible zero discharge solution. However, they rejected both options because of doubts about reliability, complexity and cost. They also talked to a DAF system supplier, but rejected them because the supplier couldn`t provide adequate assurance of reliable results.

Hydrocal was chosen because of the simplicity of our CAF system and the confidence that Hydrocal`s extensive list of installed systems gave the customer.

After the wastewater has been treated, the decanted sludge is combined with other bakery waste in a compactor for disposal.

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