Baler Spotlight – CK500W


Courtesy of CK International Ltd.

The CK500W mill sized baler is a wider version of the CK500V LUD. The benefit of this baler is the large feed opening, giving it the capability to take larger material without the need to fold it. This saves time when loading the baler.

The CK500W baler has a slide up door for minimum operating space and easy loading. It has an advanced tying system so that the baler can be placed against a wall. The CK500W baler will bale a wide range of materials including plastic, hard plastic, cardboard and WEEE material. It produces up to 550 kg bale of cardboard which can be sold.

It is robustly constructed for long life, CE marked and IP55rated so that the baler can be situated outside.

CK500W is supplied with 1 bundle of wire to make 20 bales, hydraulic bale ejection and emergency stop. Optional extras include vandal proof cover, electronic bale full indicator and rams can be dropped for low transport height.

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