Ball Bearing Manufacturer


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

Integrated Engineers, Inc. conducted the below treatability on a Ball Bearing manufacturing facility that uses soluble machine coolants and cutting fluids in their machining process; below are the results.

Untreated Parameters:
pH = 8.4
Conductivity = 1,385 microSiemens (uS)

The treatment required no pH adjustment from the 8.4 pH. The best product was treated with 0.31 grams of Floccin-H (granulated) in a 100 ml sample and required very little mixing. The dosage equates to a treatment of 25 lbs/1,000 gallons. The water still had a blue color probably from the dye additive in the machining coolants.

Recommended Treatment:
• Flocculation Skid
• Post-Ozonation if color removal needed

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